Tuesday, August 25, 2009


  • The Red Wings are bringing back Todd Bertuzzi. Awesome. I get to feel ashamed for rooting for a sports team again.
  • The Weasel Meme is cutting herself some teeth. Top canines should be in for Halloween. Vampire baby!
  • "Aren't you the guy who hit me in the eye? Aren't you the guy who hit me in the eye?"
  • The Red Wings are also bringing back Jason Williams. Please, please, please don't play him on the point in the power play this time. Frickin'-A.
  • I understand that there are some people out there that buy their hair care products somewhere other than the grocery store. I fail to see why. My grocery store has a little bitty space for junk aimed at men that doesn't smell like a fruity dessert or a moose in heat. When they change what they carry there, I change what I buy. As a result, I am currently using a product from Axe to hold my cowlicks in place that refers to itself as a "Pomade". Every damn morning now when I reach for it I involuntarily think, "I don't want Axe, God dammit! I'm a Daper Dan man!"
  • On a related note, in my experience anyway, the "Axe effect" is somewhat exaggerated.

    I wonder what those girls are going to do when they reach that unassuming young man. I bet they're all CPAs who will do his taxes.
  • "I hear the wind blow. I hear the wind blow. It seems to say, 'Hello, hello, I'm the one who loves you so.'"
  • If the quality of the writing, the acting and the depth of story wasn't enough to convince you that Deep Space Nine was the greatest of all six Trek series, what if I threw in costumes too?
  • Will the Detroit Cowardly Lions go 0-32? The Sarcastic Weasel is confidently predicting yes.
  • A link from Ish about Journal submission policies. Apparently, I'm a massive sucker for bothering to meet their formatting requirements. They do just retype and reformat the whole thing anyway.
  • New website for house hunters.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

TMQ = Back

Football content of first article for the season? 2%... maybe 3%.

Only One Vote for Prince?

What if you see this?
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True Hollywood Stories - Prince
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