Monday, April 27, 2009

Lions Drafting Adventures

I'm lazy, so I'll link to the Reverend0 and his comments regarding the Lions draft this year.

My thoughts are simply that I am actually out of snarky comments about how stupid the Lions are. With so much sarcasm in my heart to give, I wanted to believe I could keep it up forever, but after so many consecutive years of utter incompetence on their part, I'm spent... drained... I've blown my I-hate-the-Lions wad.

I think that this will require me to reexamine my life and possibly become a Buddhist.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Suddenly The Rulebook Applies?

I understand that, when it comes to interpretation of the rules and calls from the officials, here isn't a single (or married) coach out there who isn't, at least officially, a massive hypocrite. By Anaheim's Randy Carlyle gets some serious hypocrite points for his comments after his team's OT loss last night:

Form the AP recap article:
While Ducks center Ryan Getzlaf and coach Randy Carlyle vociferously complained Hiller’s pad had been nudged, video review confirmed the officials’ call while the Sharks already were in their dressing room.

“The reason the puck went in the net was their player pushed our goalie’s pad,” Carlyle said. “The puck was loose, their player pushed, and as he pushed, the goalie’s pad—the back of his foot, which is attached to the pad, the back of his skate, knocked the puck in the net. … I think there needs to be some clarification, because in my view, they are not allowed to push the goaltender and the puck into the net.”

What an interesting perspective, Randy! Please, do tell us more about how "goals" in which the goaltender has the puck stopped but some punk player pushes the goaltender into the net should not count as legit goals. I'd be very interested to hear your (new) perspective on this topic. More public comments please!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Admin Post

It appears that the comments section of yesterday's post has been disabled. I think though, if everyone stays real positive and hopes real hard, maybe I'll get around to enabling it to give the optimists their say. Keep a stiff upper lip!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wings Win First Round

The Wings have won their first round in the 2009 playoffs (a.k.a. the 'cock fight: Hitchcock v. Babcock) and I would just like to be the first to congratulate me for correctly predicting (2nd comment) the first-round sweep.

Sadly, the future looks grim. It is increasingly likely that the Wings will face a re-energized Ducks in the next round and meet certain doom. "Elbows" Pronger and the hot goaltender du jour will end the series in six. Like the Wings, the Ducks found their "on switch" at the right time and are currently demonstrating why you should never pick San Jose as your cup favorite. Unlike the Wings, the Ducks don't seem to have the magic "off switch", an Osgood who may or may not be hurt, a Brad Stuart who put in three really great games before becoming Brad Stuart again, nor the mindset that, in the face of tenacious and effective forechecking, simply clearing the damn defensive zone and not getting scored on in not nearly as cool as making a fancy pass with an 80% chance of getting picked off on the wrong side of the blue line. It's sad, but demonstrably true.

I suppose if there is some pollyanna-ISH, overly optimistic fool wishes to argue otherwise or provide other forms of fact checking, there is always a comments section following my posts.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Northwest Airlines -> Delta Airlines = Suck

I have to say that I've been seeing signs the slow transition of Northwest to Delta post merger, and I don't really care for it: Delta planes with their crap seating configuration servicing Northwest routes, Delta logos replacing Northwest logos, and so forth.

In general Northwest employees are a bit apathetic, disgruntled at management, but otherwise nice people. Today is the first day I've flown when the Detroit Metro staff are wearing the Delta jackets and magically, with the costume change, they've gone from being a little slow and lackadaisical, to being actively and aggressively rude. I actually told one of them to "f**k herself" when, at the end of berating me, trying (unsuccessfully) to make me feel guilty and stupid for checking in at the wrong computer (despite the utter lack of indication that it was in fact the wrong computer) she finished by sweetly telling me to enjoy my flight. Granted I'm a little sleep deprived, but I'm not really in to being abused by airline attendants. I see with the Delta jacket comes the Delta attitude.

Southwest's scary and inexplicable corporate sunniness is suddenly significantly less off putting.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NHL Playoffs to Commence

It's hard for me to get worked up about the playoffs this year. Being frigging exhausted following the arrival of the Weasel Meme probably doesn't help.

The Wings' play this season doesn't particularly help either. Goals and shots against have been terrible. Two blowout losses against Central Division opponents (giving up 8 goals) and Ozzy tanking this year are sickening. It appears that we miss Todd McLellan (former defensive coach, now head coach for the Sharks) more than I ever thought we would.

This AP article about how the Sharks have their sights set on the Wings as their main target just has me wondering if the Wings have a chance to even get to the Conference Finals to (potentially) meet them. Also, the Sharks have a history of playoff under-performance themselves that they need to address. At least the new baby has not dulled my pessimism. You want cheerful thoughts? Well, we resigned Zetterberg and Franzen. Lilja's brain may stop bleeding any day now.

Annual humiliation playoff picks coming soon.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Creme Eggs

For anyone who obsesses as much about Cadbury Creme eggs as much as I do at this time of year:

Remember whne we all thought we'd have the kind of time to devote to important matters like building something like this? Now, I don't really have time to watch it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weasel Meme Photos

Hot out of the womb:

Her with some guy:

Now some girl:

Cute, cute, cute...

Cleaned up:

Well, I'm Amused

Maybe you too can audition to be a victim of the apocalyptic pink storm.

It's helpful in a movement like this to try to dredge up some actual victims of the purported "crisis". When it comes to traditional "victimless crimes" (e.g. prostitution, drug use, pornography) if you look around, you will find someone who has been injured by them in some (reasonably direct) manner. It may not be the norm for said activities; it may be entirely preventable of even partially the result of governmental prohibition, but there is at least some demonstrable harm. Gay marriage victims? We get actors.

It's time to privatize marriage.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weasel Meme is Here

Born: 04:03:2009:03:21

Go here for a picture and some measurements. You should try to remember the date above and the mother's name.

Labor was hard (baby face up for a long time) and the hospital stay a little longer than I expected (about 27 hours before birth and 59 after). The baby was a little jaundiced requiring her to sleep on a fiber optic UV blanket for a few days. They let go home just before the snow struck and took out our power. Since UV blankets require power, we went to a hotel for the night.

All is well now. Super tired.

Real post to follow with better pics than are available in the link.