Saturday, March 22, 2008

BNL for people who hate BNL

There are some people, who for ideological reasons, cannot acknowledge the greatness of the Bare Naked Ladies. Something about being capable of writing really good music, but then belittling their own work with gimmicky lyrics and riffs.

My own rather blase attitude about music, prevents me from being annoyed by such gimmickery, in fact it entertains me immensely. But, it bugs me, people who don't like one of the few bands capable of penetrating my own personal musical sphere of ignorance so, in honor of musical integrity, I have decided to compile a short list of truely great BNL songs without gimmicks, inappropriate irrelevance, or underwear references.

No need to thank me.

Brian Wilson (Gordon)
When I Fall (Born on a Pirate Ship)
Call and Answer (Stunt)
Old Apartment (Born on a Pirate Ship)
What a Good Boy (Gordon)
Conventioneers (Maroon)
Alcohol (Stunt)
When You Dream (Stunt)
Break Your Heart (Born on a Pirate Ship)
Straw Hat And Old Dirty Hank (Born on a Pirate Ship)

Think I missed something? Use the comments.


ish said...

I've always conceded Brian Wilson and Old Apartment as the only songs that don't piss me off. The others aren't on that list because I avoid listening to bands that piss me off, so I haven't heard them.

But really, 10 songs over the course of 4 albums? I think my point validates itself there. I could probably come up with 10 songs over 4 albums by Phish that weren't masturbatory hippy bullshit, but that doesn't really change the fact that Phish is ultimately masturbatory hippy bullshit.

(Sorry, reference to a band that SW likely has never heard. Which in this case is a good thing.)

ish said...

Also, I have to give you propers for being the first blog I"ve read with entertaining tags for your entries. Of course, within a month you'll have 400 different tags, but then, its blogger's hard drive, so screw it.

Also also, you haven't made any comments on Rev0's Time Enough For Love review.

s.w. said...

Actually, it was 10 songs over 6 albums, I couldn't find any that met my criteria from "Maybe You Should Drive" or "Bare Naked Ladies are Me". Not that there aren't songs that I like on those albums.

As for Phish, all I know is that their Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor is too sugary for my tastes and the little chocolate fish taste spoiled. I've imagined that to be a commentary about their music, but since I've never heard any, I'll just have to assume my preconceived prejudices are correct.

s.w. said...

I've been avoiding the Rev0 TEFL review. I've been disagreeing with his reviews a lot lately, it's been getting monotonous. Also, I'm not entirely sure of my footing here. TEFL is one of my absolute favorite, but it would be hard for me to refute his claim that it's a book only hardcore RAH fans... I'm not exactly objective here.

ish said...

See, I've been avoiding the ice cream because I hate the band so much, so it seems we're on different sides of the same coin here. Or the same side of two different coins, as Stoppard would have it.

I'm not yet a hardcore RAH fan, as I haven't read many many of the books (as in I think I've been through 6 of them which is, what 10%?). But I really loved TEFL. Though I like odd books for odd reasons, so I may not be the best judge either.

Reverend0 said...

I think it is ok to disagree. :)

And if you think I have fallen off my wagon you may be right. But that is cause some convinced me to read Terry Goodkind and it made me way more critical of the books I read. Now I am considering tossing out my David Edding's collection as filth.

s.w. said...

Terry Goodkind? And I was acting all ashamed about reading Love Hina. I'd probably be pretty critical of the written word after reading any more Goodkind).

Disclosure: S.W. read Wizard's First Rule and it's sequel (whatever it was called) before figuring out that he hated it.