Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zero and Sixteen

Well, they did it. I'm actually kind of glad that they did it.

The Lions have finally shown themselves to be the team I always knew that they were.

I took a look at the various webernet sports-yak message boards which are genarally forums for small-minded people to spout-off hateful things in semi-anonymity that would never be acceptable in polite society (the political sphere is not part of polite society). But the triumphalism, civic chauvinism, and juvenile taunting that normally passes for discourse in these forums was (largely) replaced by something far worse: abject pity for the team, the city, and (especially) the fans. No hate, no disdain, just pity.

I don't know what else to say about them. They cannot get worse. They will refuse to improve. I interact with a lot of fans of other teams at work who remind me of all the good draft picks that we'll get next year. I'm not sure they understand the nature of futility in the same way that Lions fans do. They will squander their draft picks on more highly athletic players with attitude problems, or that play glamor positions and will not make them better (or both).

This is a team that deserves no wins.
This is a team that deserves no TV air time, being regularly blacked out.
This is a team that deserves no free agents that can sign anywhere else.
And this is a team that has embraced losing at all levels and that deserves not another line of text on this blog... despite how easy of a topic it is.

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