Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One Thing Mickey Does Know is Cars

And he knows why the GM and Chrysler restructuring plans as currently envisioned will not work. Hint: he cites the reason why I will not buy GM or Chrysler.

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ish said...

I'd agree that he's pretty right on most of this. The quality issue has been severely overblown for years now. Its true that GM build quality is inconsistent, but not that it is inferior to Japanese build quality. Many GM cars have better reliability than their Toyota and Honda counterparts. And many other have much worse. So it's highly model-dependent, which requires a lot more work. If you're the sort of buyer who just goes to one dealer and looks around until you find something you like, this is an issue. But if you actually do research, it is much less of one. I think Mickey even did a recent post on how great the new Malibu is.

So there are a number of vehicles made by GM (can't speak to Chrysler) with very high ratings for reliability, and I sincerely hope that the Volt is one of them, because I think it is the best and smartest design for a vehicle (and have been saying so since at least 2002). I'll be pinging all of my friends still with the General to get as much intel as I can before buying one. But it is certainly not true that if I decide not to buy one that I will buy another GM vehicle instead. I'd probably go for an Insight.