Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breakfast of Weaklings

I always lose weight on these trips to Taiwan. It's not that I dislike the food, but my stomach always feels off, so I never want to eat very much at a time.

Breakfast is the hardest for me. I can eat chinese food for lunch and dinner every day, but my western stomach is conditioned for a certain set of foods for first thing in the morning, and that set does not include chow mein or fermented tofu, bean... things. You might read this and accuse the Weasel of being soft and provincial, but I am a victim of my decadent western upbringing. I AM A VICTIM! So having my stomach be off at breakfast then screws me over for the rest of the day.

I believe now though, that my problem up till now, has been that I have not been getting breakfast at 7-11. No wonder they're replacing their shrines with 7-11s here; their freaking awesome. This morning I had an egg and ham sandwich (with mayo too, but whatever), some actual milk from a damn cow (not from a soybean), and real orange juice.

Now the orange juice part may not seem particularly miraculous to you being that Taiwan enjoys a very warm climate, but my experience has been, even at the better hotel restaurants, the orange juice here is about 90% water, 7% sugar, and 3% juice. I found, hidden in a separate cooler on the other side fo the store from the crappy juices, 100% juice juices. OMFG! 100% juice juices.

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