Friday, February 20, 2009

Heading Home

I really do know better than to blog while intoxicated... well, I'll pretend I do anyway.

Finished testing in Taiwan. Turns out that adaptive structural control on wireless systems is really hard. I cam here with two approaches I thought would be slam dunks, but only one worked. Also did some wireless market based control. That worked great. Kind of pisses me off though since I spent a week from start to finish developing the market-based control while the adaptive control that didn't work was the product of a month of my effort. Stupid research... Got enough for a paper though.

I celebrated my going home by drinking alone at an outdoor bar near my hotel. They have Hoegarden on tap... here in Taiwan. Go figure. Don't worry, I only had one... one 1000 cc glass of beer. 1000 cc's of beer is really the only sensible size glass of beer to drink... provided your stomach is 4x the size of mine. Oooo. 20 hour plane trip tomorrow. 4:30 AM wake-up time. Should be fun.

I worked pretty much every waking moment this week. It helped me not think about how much I miss the official wife of the sarcastic weasel and how guilty I feel being gone for two weeks in the winter with her 8 months pregnant. It also helped me avoid the television. There are about 9 English language channels out of the 100 or so that I get in my room. Three are sports, 2 are news, 3 are educational, which leaves movie channels as the "entertainment". The movie channel choices are bizarre. Cinemax Taiwan treated my to Final Destination 3. That has to be the most deeply stupid movie I've ever seen... and I've seen stuff with Julia Roberts in it. Cripe.

If you find yourself in Taiwan. be sure to visit Ding Tai Fong for dumplings. Holy cow, I thought I'd had good Hong Kong style dumplings before... nothing compared to these. Paper thin wanton wrappers around soup filling. Great stuff. Those of you with access to Los Angeles, you have the U.S.'s only branch of the restaurant. You need to go. It will rock your nads... provided you have nads... if you have other stuff, it will rock that too.

OK. Time for sleep... broken up by about 20 trips to the bathroom, I can tell already.


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