Friday, May 8, 2009

NHL-Musical Theater Quote of the Day

"Watching the Stanley Cup playoffs on Versus is like watching a community theater production of "Les Miserables." The source material's emotional potency and the magnetic qualities of its aesthetics make it, at a minimum, eminently enjoyable.

Then some local dentist comes on stage, sings "Master of the House" like Wilfred Brimley with a bran muffin stuffed in his mouth, and you suddenly remember you're not exactly on Broadway."

Puck Daddy on Yahoo sports blogs.


ish said...

Luckily we get Ken and Mickey back for the last three games (only two of which we'll actually need).

I'm really disappointed in myself that I actually called it in private to several people that either game 4 or game 5 would be a goalie-breaker in which we hung 5 or 6 on Hiller and he was pulled for Giguere. But I neglected to put it in print online anywhere so that I could officially gloat about it today.

Of course, if I put all my predictions online, I would have to spend more time defending how wrong they are. But hell, it works for ESPN.

PS My favorite bit of stupid (I'll avoid saying biased since I can't prove it) reporting was the associated press story on James Wisniewski, which said he was sent to the hospital after being elbowed by Holmstrom while Homer was "skating by", and that he had earlier been hit in the arm by a puck. Yeah, pretty close, guys. Care to explain how an (incidental) elbow to the face while wheeling around in front of the net caused a bruised lung?

(I do feel bad for the guy, not just because he's a Michigan Polack, after getting hit with a puck and bruising his lung he then tries to stay out on the ice and takes an elbow to the face. That's a bad night.)

Amanda said...

So are you excited to see my musical then?

The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

Yes, I am very excited to see it...

You have a forthcoming musical? Did you write it or are you in it (or both)?

What is it? Is it Les Mis with the Wilford Brimley Thenardier? It is when I have jury duty? Do you like crying babies in the audience?