Saturday, May 30, 2009

Red Wings: Final Round, Final DOOM!

Well, it's my last chance this season to predict doom for my beloved Red Wings. Last round, it was pretty facetious... come on, Chicago? Brian Campbell as a real-life defenseman? Please. But it was Patrick Sharp that provided them their only win.

But this round is different. The Wings are real beaten up now. The Pen(i)s have grown up a little. Most importantly, that whiny rat of a coach they had last season got s***-canned, which is a massive improvement.

Predictions? Well, I'm great at those. Datsyuk and Lidstrom play at 90% or better, Wings win, 3 to 2 odds. Otherwise, Pen(i)s win, 11 to 9 odds.

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ish said...

Another thing on the Pen(i)s side is that they got rid of that lousy Hossa guy. I mean, is he even in the playoffs this year?