Wednesday, June 11, 2008

He's Back and He's Got a New Trick...

Sarcastic Weasel is 10x as slick as the last time, the last time you saw him. Now you can see why we really adore him...

I made it back unscathed from the mighty Pacific. I promise a post regarding my experiences aboard the boat... something with a title including the phrases "narrow escape" and "butt-pirates." I'll have to be conscientious of what I blog owing to the fact that I have previously identified the boat by name (no link for you!).

In the meantime, I was very happy to learn that the Wings did not indeed blow it and are the Stanley Cup Champions for 2008. They managed to win it even without my sage advice that I usually provide to them through a special stable worm-hole that conveys my shouted comments from my living room to whatever arena the Wings happen to be playing in.

I've spent a lot of recent blog posts discussing hockey. Now that it's over, I can probably lay off for a while. But I do want to link to one article that, while Scott Burnside is not one of my favorite commentators (by far), does somewhat encapsulate one of the things that I think is genuinely special about the Red Wings as an organization and why I root for them so fervently. In a day when sports franchises behave more as corporations than is sources of civic pride, the Wings look out for their own particularly well.

But, more pressingly, I have a new data set to process. It's like Christmas. Yeah, Christmas!

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Reverend0 said...

Welcome back. Does that make you a seaman now?