Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Least Favorite Matlab Function

datetick.m must die!

(in the timefun toolbox)

Whoever decided that the 'keeplimits'/'keepticks' options were the best way to handle user options... GRR!

Wait, I can check...
C.F. Garvin & Clay M. Thompson

You are on my list!

(Yes, I know, I could have rewritten it to suit my own preferences in the time it took to blog a complaint... but then what would I blog about today? You have to think about these things, man!)

Old least-favorite function: newp.m (Neural Network toolbox).


Amanda said...

Hooray! Your poll doesn't hate me anymore. (it hasn't been letting me vote ... cause it's evil)

The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

I had to give it a good talking to and promise it that you weren't going to vote for "other".

I was really hoping, when I got the email saying that "amanda" had commented on the Matlab post that it would actually be about Matlab somehow.

Amanda said...

But my dear weasel, I don't have a "new least favorite Matlab function", or a "new most favorite Matlab function", or a "I think it's sort of okay Matlab function" on account of the silly little fact that I've never used Matlab. I have a few friends who sell Matlab though. Maybe I'll ask them what I should say.