Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weaselly Announcement

As some may have guessed from recent cryptic postings, The Sarcastic Weasel and Official Wife have been busy dutifully defying both God and Nature.

Due to my unfortunate encounter with The Cancer and the side effects of the copious amount of poison that I consumed to rid myself of it, I am no longer able manufacture new gametes for... gamete-specific activities. Fortunately, thanks to medical foresight, liquid nitrogen, and a kind of odd guy named Paul, I have a limited supply of chilly gametes that are older than the average house cat.

So there are cheap and enjoyable methods to introduce gamete to gamete. But when those don't work, there are technology assisted methods that are opposed by several major religions. These methods are incredibly expensive, unpleasant to experience, and have questionable success rates.

But, as of yesterday, the Sarcastic Weasel and Official Wife have confirmed that we have beaten the odds and started one to two miniature weasels (or weaselettes) that are about two weeks along into their development.

There's still plenty of uncertainty until the standard first trimester benchmark, but after considerable expense, artificial hormones, and lots and lots of injections, we have a real result; one or both of the embryos pictured in the Debugging Entry post have implanted.

As for that post, I wasn't especially ready to announce to the five or so people that read this blog that such endeavors were underway (at least until some results were known), but the picture was too cool not to post, so I made the description as unhelpful as possible. A prize will be awarded to the first person who can respond in the comments section where exactly I got the post title, "Debugging Entry" from.

Now I have to start planning to arrange the best possible education for a mad scientist and the future enslaver of mankind. Mwa!, Ha, HA HA, HA!


Unknown said...

Congratulations. May your offspring be less stress inducing than ours.

Seriously though, good news.

Michelle said...

Congratulations and best of luck. Even though men should be the pregnant ones.

Princess Blogonoke said...

Hurray hurray hurray! Yay babies! Super congratulations!!!!!

The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

reverend0 wins a prize. Though I did just notice that The Google took all the fun and challenge out of the contest.

Now I have to figure out what the prize is.

Amanda said...


And I still don't get it. I know it's the title, but I can't find anything about what the episode was about or what it has to do with anything.

Do I get a prize for knowing about all this before the weasel told me? I like prizes.

Amanda said...


The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

I wanted a confusing post title, so I remembered "Debugging Entry" which confused me for quite a long time.

It took me far too long to figure out that there is no Enterprise episode called Debugging Entry.

If I figure out a prize, you'll het one too.

DC said...

My god, you have spawned.

Yay! Spawning!!

Unknown said...

No prize needed. Google did all the work.

Well google and you. I just copied and pasted. Twice.

brought to you by ybgewke (ib goo key)

Amanda said...

Whahaha, I can find more if I search for "debugging entry" and "enterprise" as opposed to "debugging entry" and "trek". My favorite so far is the explanation someone had that "Debugging Entry" was the episode where they revealed that the series finale "These are the Voyages" was just a dream created by a disgruntled writer.

ish said...


By the way, July 24th or 25th was Louise Brown's 30th birthday. She has the distinction of being the first in-vitro birth, and God and Nature will just have to get over it.

Also, you're showing your collectivist nature, just giving away prizes for anyone who asks for them.