Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NHL Free Agency Begins

And it's flipping insane!

Some Highlights so far:

Red Wings:
Resigned (D) Lilja (2 years)
Resigned (D) Stuart (4 years)
Signed (G) Ty Conklin (1 year) Formerly backup goalie for Pittsburgh
Signed (F) Marion Hossa!!! (1 year) WTF! Word was he would only accept a multi-year contract for something near the league maximum. Now he took something less than the Pens were offering for just one year (so that Holland has the $$ to resign Zetterberg and Franzen next year).

Campbell went to Chicago as well as Huet. Look for them to be much better next year. If the people they have now gel, they're easily a playoff team.

Your long national nightmare is now over. Theodore has signed with the C(r)apitals. But you lost Andrew Brunette to the Wild, though. Looks like they've signed Raycroft to to be Budaj's backup. Hmm.

Lost Malone, Roberts, and Hossa. Retained Malkin. With some secondary scoring, they could still be good next year, but could also drop precipitously.

Traded to get Eric Cole. Cole has been a favorite of the Sarcastic Weasel since the Red Wings/Hurricanes finals a few years ago. He's had some injury problems, but should be a real good pickup for them.

New York Rangers:
Lost their minds.

Lost their minds (part 1).
Lost their minds (part 2).

Co-GM Brett Hull brought an old friend/roomie/loud-mouth home by signing Sean Avery. Many people hate Avery. True, he lacks class and Klingon-style honor, but he's damn effective.

It's not over yet...