Friday, April 24, 2009

Wings Win First Round

The Wings have won their first round in the 2009 playoffs (a.k.a. the 'cock fight: Hitchcock v. Babcock) and I would just like to be the first to congratulate me for correctly predicting (2nd comment) the first-round sweep.

Sadly, the future looks grim. It is increasingly likely that the Wings will face a re-energized Ducks in the next round and meet certain doom. "Elbows" Pronger and the hot goaltender du jour will end the series in six. Like the Wings, the Ducks found their "on switch" at the right time and are currently demonstrating why you should never pick San Jose as your cup favorite. Unlike the Wings, the Ducks don't seem to have the magic "off switch", an Osgood who may or may not be hurt, a Brad Stuart who put in three really great games before becoming Brad Stuart again, nor the mindset that, in the face of tenacious and effective forechecking, simply clearing the damn defensive zone and not getting scored on in not nearly as cool as making a fancy pass with an 80% chance of getting picked off on the wrong side of the blue line. It's sad, but demonstrably true.

I suppose if there is some pollyanna-ISH, overly optimistic fool wishes to argue otherwise or provide other forms of fact checking, there is always a comments section following my posts.