Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Northwest Airlines -> Delta Airlines = Suck

I have to say that I've been seeing signs the slow transition of Northwest to Delta post merger, and I don't really care for it: Delta planes with their crap seating configuration servicing Northwest routes, Delta logos replacing Northwest logos, and so forth.

In general Northwest employees are a bit apathetic, disgruntled at management, but otherwise nice people. Today is the first day I've flown when the Detroit Metro staff are wearing the Delta jackets and magically, with the costume change, they've gone from being a little slow and lackadaisical, to being actively and aggressively rude. I actually told one of them to "f**k herself" when, at the end of berating me, trying (unsuccessfully) to make me feel guilty and stupid for checking in at the wrong computer (despite the utter lack of indication that it was in fact the wrong computer) she finished by sweetly telling me to enjoy my flight. Granted I'm a little sleep deprived, but I'm not really in to being abused by airline attendants. I see with the Delta jacket comes the Delta attitude.

Southwest's scary and inexplicable corporate sunniness is suddenly significantly less off putting.


ish said...

As I'm flying Northwest today, this is especially comforting. Hopefully I can tell an attendant to fuck off, too.

The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

UPDATE: The ticket agents were very friendly for my trip home. Fortunately, my flight attendant was rude to me, so the transition is still progressing.