Sunday, April 26, 2009

Suddenly The Rulebook Applies?

I understand that, when it comes to interpretation of the rules and calls from the officials, here isn't a single (or married) coach out there who isn't, at least officially, a massive hypocrite. By Anaheim's Randy Carlyle gets some serious hypocrite points for his comments after his team's OT loss last night:

Form the AP recap article:
While Ducks center Ryan Getzlaf and coach Randy Carlyle vociferously complained Hiller’s pad had been nudged, video review confirmed the officials’ call while the Sharks already were in their dressing room.

“The reason the puck went in the net was their player pushed our goalie’s pad,” Carlyle said. “The puck was loose, their player pushed, and as he pushed, the goalie’s pad—the back of his foot, which is attached to the pad, the back of his skate, knocked the puck in the net. … I think there needs to be some clarification, because in my view, they are not allowed to push the goaltender and the puck into the net.”

What an interesting perspective, Randy! Please, do tell us more about how "goals" in which the goaltender has the puck stopped but some punk player pushes the goaltender into the net should not count as legit goals. I'd be very interested to hear your (new) perspective on this topic. More public comments please!

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