Thursday, September 4, 2008

Latest Version of iTunes

I made the mistake of falling for the iTunes "upgrade" dialog box when it popped up yesterday. Not only did the sucker monopolize my system resources for 5 minutes then demand a reboot, it came with some little unnanounced piece of crap software called Bonjour.

There are three things that Apple needs to pay attention to here:
  • iTunes is generally awful as a music player. The options it has and the options that I want are nearly completely disjoint sets. Anything that they do that makes keeping it seem more awful than replacing it should, really, be avoided.
  • Slipping in little trojan programs that are difficult to remove, like to eat up processor time, and make unsupervised connections to remote IP hosts, makes Apple seem less like a mainstream software company and more like a warez site. Don't give me crap that even looks like a virus.
  • Anything with a french name = evil... and not the good evil... the evil evil.

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