Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Traveling Again

Very few posts lately.

The Sarcastic Weasel will be traveling for research related purposes again shortly and preparations for the next trip (as well as fallout from the previous trip) consume his time.

This time, the destination is not in Asia (thank the god of jet lag), but Germany. I suppose I'm going to be spending the bulk of my time working on my research rather than getting to do distinctively German things like drinking warm beer and invading Poland.

This trip is largely devoted to burnishing the Sarcastic Weasel's environmental research street cred. The most important part of being "green" is, apparently, flying on a jet very long distances (seems to work for Al Gore).

In the meantime, please amuse yourself by providing additional pseudonyms for the forthcoming Sarcastic Weasel sequel. There are certainly some quality submissions, but a few more suggestions would really help round out a nice looking poll.


Amanda said...

Ummmmm ... we're thinking....

weasel spawn?
crying weasel?
screaming chipmunk?
vomiting vole?
drooling muskrat?
poo machine?
mess maker v.2009?

Amanda said...

harbinger of insomnia?

Anonymous said...

P. Myshkin
Weasel Meme
EGfaBT (Evil Genius for a Better Tomorrow)

-posted by sprezzatura