Thursday, August 28, 2008

Collapse of Western Society

It looks like it was a tie between sweetened iced tea and counter-terrorism for the eventual cause of the downfall of our way of life. Thank you to everyone who voted. Extra thank yous to everyone who voted multiple times.

Since it was a tie, I will exercise my prerogative as blog owner to break the tie.

Therefore it is my pleasure to announce to you that I have decided to destroy western society under an endless deluge of sweetened iced tea. This seems fitting as I'm still in Taiwan where sweetened iced tea is the almost the only thing you can find. So you now have something to look forward to, though I'll leave it as a surprise as to exactly when.

Look forward to the next poll... which I'll dream up when I'm not so friggin' tired.

Picture source : (Lost source. Please help me cite it if you happen to know.)


The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

Incidentally, the following things do not seem to scare readers of my blog (as evidenced by the fact that they got no votes):

Jimmy Buffet
Social Injustice
Mad Scientists
Inadequately Chilled Drinks

... Come on, people! Get your priorities straight! Jimmy Buffet gives me nightmares.

Amanda said...

Inadequately Chilled Drinks?!

Geez, had I known that "not enough ice" would lead to drinks not maintaining their cool delicious temperatures, well, that might have changed everything for me. I'd assumed that whatever ice we had left would be used sensibly, and as nature intended: in glasses filled with an over-sugared, unnutritious, and/or toxic beverages.

I thought that not enough ice merely meant that glaciers were going to melt, causing sea levels to rise, hurricanes to form, polar bears to drown, cities to be destroyed....

But warm beverages?!
That's downright unamerican.

And Jimmy Buffet is kind of creepy, but he doesn't scare me.

The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

Jimmy Buffet himself, not terribly scary.

The fact that he has any kind of career in popular entertainment and the fact that he has fans, terrifying.

ish said...

Totally not taking the bait.