Monday, October 27, 2008

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

For anyone who didn't figure out that the collage from my previous post was a fake, I thought I'd put a real one up.

It's strange, actually. The first time I tried this photo, I got a bunch of "celebrities" I'd never heard of and my highest percentage was 55%. I thought this is boring, so I made my own populated by really funny looking people. Everyone seemed really willing to accept it as real so, thanks... asses.

This time though, same photo, but some people I've heard of. Still not terribly flattering though.

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Free family tree - Genealogies

James Blunt must be a pop music personality, right? That's why I've never heard of him?


Amanda said...

We all know it was real. Nice try.

James Blunt got famous a couple or more years ago for a song called "You're Beautiful". I think his sappy droney songs tend to get used a lot in the background of TV shows.

The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

Given that view, I guess I should just be happy then that I didn't include Meatwad or Assy McGee.

David said...

Oh come on, we all know you look just like Mary Queen of Scots. This one must be the fake!

Mine at least gave me a good idea for a Halloween costume! :)