Friday, October 10, 2008

Uctural-say Elth-Hay onitoring-May on Ind-Way Urbines-Tay

If Google ever learns to translate Pig Latin, by efforts to avoid linking of my "professional" life and my bloggy life will disappear in a uff-pay of oke-sma.

Since I just got back from somewhere in northern Germany on a research related trip, I thought I would share some pictures.

Here's the big picture of what was going on in... uh, picture form:

(Notice the sexy beast in the lower right-hand corner.)

One nerd:

Two nerds (S.W. w/ ATZ a.k.a. TUWotSW):

Biggest Nerd Ever (actually not the Sarcastic Weasel {shock}):

(That's a Segway under his dress, in case you were wondering.)

The future (the things are going offshore):

Some guy in a very sarcastic pose:

A church bombed during some war they had over there. The roof was not replaced and the church is now a memorial. Some jackass is spoiling the shot with his compulsive need to follow lines on the ground:

Finally, a bucolic scene:

Oh noes!

(illustration source: signed G. A. Harker: composite made in < 1 min using M. S. Visio)