Thursday, October 2, 2008

You May Now Vote

The Name the little weasel poll is now open.

Please bear in mind:
a.) The poll is only to choose the blog pseudonym for the forthcoming kid, not to select its actual real-life name.
b.) The Sarcastic Weasel has already narrowed the field to winnow out any suggestions that are overly biologically graphic (i.e. yucky and not fun to type).
c.) The Sarcastic Weasel reserves the right to hold a super-selective manual recount (using his own rules) of votes from areas more likely to vote for his favorite results. No court (whether Supreme or lacking tomatoes and sour cream) will be allowed to intervene.
d.) Cook County election rules apply regarding number of times you may vote. If you can game the system, vote all you want.
e.) Anyone confused by the butterfly ballot format, is way more confused than they think.
f.) Vote for more than one option if it pleases you. Voting for all of them is nice too, but somewhat defeats the purpose of voting (just like selective recounts).
g.) Any rules not spelled out in advance will be made up by me when they become necessary.


ish said...

I was forced to vote for TOKOTSW because I would laugh uproariously every time I saw it typed, knowing that you were swearing loudly about having agreed to a name you had to type in all caps.

Also, doesn't screaming chipmunk imply the kid would be in serious danger from Ophelia (sorry, the official non-white cat of sarcastic weasel).

The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

Fortunately, this is only for internet reality so, if any "Chipmunk" themed name is selected, the Official Non-White Cat of the Sarcastic Weasel does not get internet access.

God knows we don't need her watching the danging hamsters all day.

ish said...