Saturday, May 24, 2008

NHL Credibility

The first game of the Stanley Cup Finals is at the 1st intermission.

I knew that the league desperately wants the Penguins to win this, for some strange reason I thought they'd still call the games somewhat fairly.

Instead we're getting chinsy penalties against the Wings and a goal waved off for no identifiable reason whatsoever.

I'm not sure why I should watch my team get tossed under the train so that the League's idea of the second coming of Gretsky/Jesus can hoist a cup before he's actually earned it.

As usual, the NHL is shooting itself in the foot. I'm pretty sure Bettman is still on te NBA's payroll. For the Wings to win this, they'll have to be not just the best team, but better by a wide margin to overcome the officiating.

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