Monday, May 5, 2008


Well, it's May, so it's time for San Jose Sharks players to hit the links (Thanks, Instigator).

I'll try to have a recap of the first two rounds of the playoffs and some thoughts about the Wings' chances in the next round before Round 3 actually starts. Real busy right now. My bracket, of course, is in the toilet. Everyone who was participating in this particular contest is in the same boat though: no more points possible given who's in and who's not. ATZ wins with 9 points, Ish and SW tie at 8 points (tie-breaker will not be settled for a while yet) with the Official Wife of S.W. only slightly behind with 7 points. As a group, I might consider this our closest (and possibly worst) year yet. As is typical, the person paying the least attention to the regular season posted the best post-season results (though I really should deduct points for picking Colorado in Round 2 since I'm pretty sure the Wings were playing against the Av's minor-league affiliate).

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