Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blogging from KIX Because I Can

Sitting around in Osaka's airport waiting for my "connection". I put that in quotations because I'm really just waiting to be let back on the same plane that took me here from Detroit. But they were kind enough to make everyone who is traveling the entire way (Detroit->Osaka->Taipei) get off, clear security and sit and wait. There's also the looming threat of bumpage with the 747 being overbooked by 18 people. I'm looking at an ultra-cute little-league baseball team that seems to be composed of about 18 people. I bet they'd love another night in Japan.

Actually, given the number of times I've been in a Japanese airport and never actually set foot on Japanese soil, and given how badly the otaku in me wants to see Japan, and given the fact that due to unexpected inspections and whatnot I can't start my research until Wednesday... it's tempting to take the free hotel room... but I cannot contact my hosts in Taipei and I absolutely will not leave them in any kind of lurch. Japan will have to wait for another day.

Kensai International Airport doesn't have a lot in the way of crap to entertain travelers (e.g. shops, restaurants, etc.) but it does have the single most important thing that an airport really needs: free Wi-Fi. God bless Osaka. Half way through typing the last sentence I was asked to fill out a survey, apparently for the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau. I made sure to point out my particular love of free Wi-Fi. Free Wi-Fi!

Christ, I'm tired.


Amanda said...

More blog! Less sleep!
More blog! Less sleep!

The Really Sarcastic Weasel said...

Sorry, working feverishly.

I'm not sleeping, I promise!