Thursday, August 14, 2008

Public Service Announcement

The latest season of Tuesday Morning Quarterback has commenced. Now that he finally has an RSS feed though, you probably don't need me to tell you this.

The first posting might set a new mark for having the highest length to actual football commentary of any TMQ, that's even counting past pre-season entries. But, of course that's what TMQ readers tune in for.

As much as I dislike ESPN, I do have to admit that a new pleasure of reading TMQ is to marvel at the vast array of user comments describing in detail how they read the article every week and how horrible it is. Sports fans on the internet are generally idiotic... Wait... I'm on the internet now...

Death to Tuesday Afternoon Productivity!

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ish said...

It has occurred to me that ESPN is about the worst place for TMQ in terms of attracting new fans, as TMQ tends to attract to sports fans who don't read normal sports columns because they're so oppressively stupid, and ESPN tends to attract sports fans who don't, well, read.

Page 2 is definitely the best of ESPN on that account, but it has flagged a bit over the years as well. I really think TMQ was best suited for Slate, but then I can't blame the man for going to the big market where he almost certainly gets paid more for a column that takes more work in a week than the average sportswriter puts in over a career.

But yeah, its amusing to hear the comments from the clown show at ESPN. I especially like the guys with the "Stay out of the politics and stick to what you know, pal" comments.