Monday, April 28, 2008

Out Out!! You Demons of Stupidity!!

For the past... I don't know... forever years the Sarcastic Weasel has faithfully read the daily free Dilbert strip presented on I've caught every on for at least the past five years. I did not subscribe to the email list because I hate subscribing to things. Also, if I visit their site, they can pretend like I'm looking at their ads (No one looks at the S.W.'s ads... *sniffle*). I don't read it in the paper as, being someone not living in the freaking stone age, I don't get my news on a dead tree.

But, about a week ago, changed their layout and got all Flashy and awful. The site is ugly, the archives are nigh unnavigable, and the page is busy and sad.

Today I noticed that I really haven't gone to read the thing in a couple of days and, instead of going and checking the archive, I just came here to blog. Furthermore, I don't really know if I'll bother to go back. The layout is that horrible. Scott, fix your damn website, it's a disgrace. And in the words of Saint Dogbert, "OUT OUT!! You Demons of Stupidity!!"

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ish said...

I knew the topic of this as soon as I saw the Dilbert cartoon. All of Slashdot is lit up over this, and there is no one who defends to new horrible site design. However, for me it had no impact as I read the strip daily by using Google Reader and subscribing via RSS. Thus, no horrible flash, just a new strip everyday in a simple interface.