Friday, April 11, 2008

Truth in Advertising

So essentially, I have been working in a climate controlled, basement dump for the past... few months I guess. Ever since I've started here, the University has been unable to solve the flooding problem in the part of the basement where my office is located. This fact is very ironic considering which department I work for. So our floors have been torn up and look like total crap for quite some time (so much so that students and faculty talk very derisively about us when they come to use the classrooms that are located here).

In addition, thanks to a very generous alumni donation, every graduate student office in the College of Engineering is having their antiquated and frightening office furniture replaced by new, high-quality furniture from a very reputable maker (that happens to be owned by said alum). Every office except our block, because of the flooding.

Now, this is fine. I know my current station in life. My occupation is categorized as "indentured servant" and it's really an accurate description. But for the past semester, I have been forced to endure the following mockery, posted throughout our office block:

Which is clearly a lie because this project will never be completed.

Thanks to the Sarcastic Weasel's "Truth in Advertising" campaign however, the signs have been rectified and the mockery ended. Thanks to me, we can all sleep peacefully in our beds, not because the situation will be remedied, but because we can all be honest about its indefinite duration.


s.w. said...

Looks like I missed a word...

Amanda said...

Still very funny.

s.w. said...


Monday: the additions to the signs are removed by 9:00 AM.

Tuesday: The following message is received...

Good morning. I have some good news regarding the lower level of GG Brown.

The College has agreed to "freshen up" the corridor areas with its spring maintenance budget. During the week of April 28, missing floor tiles will be replaced, the walls will be painted, and the base moulding will be replaced.

The GSRA office upgrades are still on hold, as we await further information about the flooding remediation efforts. I will keep you posted on that.

Looks like the squeaky wheel gets the grease.